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04 CobaltBlue by Drisela
04 CobaltBlue
Zutara Week 2014!
04_Cobalt Blue

My boyfriend thought this was ready to post a week ago.
But I kept working it! :work:
Sometimes I just have to let things go.
The drawing, not the boyfriend. I'm keeping him forever. :glomp:

(Anyway, I still have 2 more to go!
Drawings, not boyfriends ... :faint:
07 Slow Dancing by Drisela
07 Slow Dancing
Woo Hoo!

Their first dance. :giggle:
The beginning of the slow dance from enemies to friends. 
(And for those who choose to imagine it, love.)

So ... about those other prompts:
It was a crazy busy week! I missed some sleep and it sapped my juice. 
I have the missing prompts ... in various states of completion.
You'll see. :)
03 Motorcycle (OLD SCHOOL) by Drisela
03 Motorcycle (OLD SCHOOL)
Zutara Week 2014

Well. Motorcycles are not my thing.
Too many parts, not enough time.
If I had more I might actually draw a background. Instead, I used a screencap of Republic City. I think it adds ambiance. :D

SO I would never condone riding a motorcycle without a helmet.
But I had to show their wise faces ...
besides, Zuko rides a dragon  bareback around the world! :jawdrop:
02 Jubilant by Drisela
02 Jubilant
Zutara Week 2014

02_Jubilant :excited:

Yes. She came back ... somehow.
A little drama makes the jubilant reunion that much sweeter. :love:

Katara's reaction is a wink to Korra's Mako glomp. :flirty:
I don't know if I ship it (so afraid to ship anything) but that was a sweet little bit of animation.
Anyway, now it's canon for watertribe women to greet fire nation men this way. 

This could use some more "work" ...
but it's getting late, and as with every Zutara week ...
gotta keep going. :faint:
01 Melancholy by Drisela
01 Melancholy
Zutara Week 2014

01_Melancholy ... We're starting the week off on a serious note. :(

Tale as old as time really ... choose your own adventure.
The lovers are passionately, um ... in love.

But they cannot be together because:
Duty, the world, their nations, Bryke, it's simply not in the stars?
Whatever it is, they're in love and they are saying goodbye.

And a darkness descends where once there was an ember ...
ugh. Drawing this made me sad. :cries:

SO glad tomorrow will be happy. <3


dreaming something up...
United States
Current Residence: Merryland
Favourite cartoon character: Kenshin, Zuko, Katara, Bender Bending Rodriguez ^_^

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